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Pest Control Services

Betts Pest Control services professionals have the qualifications, knowledge, and desire to help you and your property.


What is included in General Pest Control Services? Spiders, ants, fabric pests, pantry pests, silverfish, and most seasonal pests.

What is General Pest Control? General pest control is everything except stinging insects, bed bugs, termites, and rodent control. Services for these pests are evaluated and treated according to your home’s conditions and needs.

Betts Pest Control recommends general pest control services at 60-day intervals for most single-family homes, due to the fact that the commercial pesticides we use have a residual of approximately two months, thus providing continuous protection of your home. Our technicians are experienced with what pests are most prevalent at certain times of the year and customize treatments accordingly.

We are environmentally friendly. The various pesticides, baits, traps, and pest management strategies used by Betts Pest Control Inc. are the latest in technology that the industry has to offer. Environmentally friendly products along with integrated pest management strategies are used to give our customers effective results and the very best in pest control.

Be sure to check our preparation checklists before your pest control services.

Unsure about what kind of pests you have? Check out our ID a Pest page to identify what kind of pests you may be dealing with.

Mosquito Reduction

Take your outdoor living area back from mosquitoes. Our technicians, who are state-certified, will perform an onsite evaluation of your home and yard for our monthly mosquito reduction program. One-time services for special events are also available. We take the time to show you problem areas and recommend the best options for treatment. We combine a knockdown pesticide and an insect growth regulator (both EPA-registered and completely safe) with the proper application techniques to dramatically reduce the number of mosquitoes around your home and in your yard.

Betts Pest Control services include the best mosquito treatment and control services for residential and commercial property in the Wichita area. Our mosquito treatment programs significantly reduce the mosquito population in the area around your home or business.

The best opportunity to control mosquito populations around your home or business is while they are in the larval and pupal stages! The most effective means of mosquito control is to manage or eliminate their breeding sites. Unless this is done, management of the problem is temporary, at best.

Mosquito eggs are laid in still, stagnant, or slowly moving water. Breeding sites such as improperly aligned guttering and tree holes should be corrected. Trash, such as old tires and empty cans should be eliminated from your property. The water in water features such as bird baths, statuary, and portable wading pools should be changed every three days and certainly no less often than weekly. Ornamental fish pond water should be treated with a properly-labeled larvicide. Residential swimming pools generally are not a problem because mosquito eggs are not laid in water deeper than 6-8 inches.

Keep in mind some of the sites listed above may be off of your property and out of your control. However, daytime resting sites for adult mosquitoes may exist on your property. You can help control mosquitoes with a manicured lawn, elimination of tall weeds, and a careful application of mosquito adulticide.

For best results, misting or ultra-low volume application of the pesticides should be applied to resting sites such as ornamental plants and shrubbery, overhanging tree limbs below 8-10 feet, the underside of raised decks, and window wells. Because adult mosquitoes tend to rest on the underside of foliage, the mist or fog must be directed into, rather than on top of, shrubbery.

As always, this is best done by an experienced, certified, and insured mosquito control professional. We can help ensure your yard around your home or business is as close to mosquito-free as possible all season long. Contact Betts Pest Control today at 316-943-3555 or access our online contact form.

Tips to Reduce Pest Infestation

The best defense against the pests is a good offense. These tips can help you keep pests out of your home:

  • Do not allow food, trash, decaying wood, etc. to remain in or on your property.
  • Cover or seal trash tightly.
  • Cut back limbs, shrubs, and vines that touch or overhang your property.
  • Weatherize your home. Seal all possible pest entry points.
  • Check for and remove structural damage such as moisture-damaged wood.
  • Keep gutters clean.
  • Shuffle stored items regularly and keep boxes tightly sealed in plastic bags.
  • Keep all areas where food is prepared, stored, and served clean and free of crumbs and grease.
  • Before storing end-of-season clothes, make sure they are clean.
  • Drawer and cabinet liners, paper grocery bags, and even wallpaper can be a source of food for pests.
  • Carefully check for pests in furniture, boxes, paper, and other items brought into your home.
  • It is easier to spot a potential problem when the interior and exterior of your home are clean and uncluttered. Sanitation is your best defense.
  • If, however, these things don’t work, and the crawlies persist, give Betts Pest Control a call or contact us.


Are the products you use okay for the environment?

Yes! We are environmentally friendly. The various pesticides, baits, traps, and pest management strategies used by Betts Pest Control are the very latest in technology that the industry has to offer. Environmentally friendly products along with integrated pest management strategies are used to give our customers effective results and the very best in pest control, with less use of chemicals.

Can I buy chemicals and products and apply them myself?

Not if you want to totally eliminate your pest problem. Products purchased at home improvement stores are only made to last for a few days. Our products last up to 60 days, and because they are applied by our certified pest control technicians we can ensure you are getting the best protection.

Are your products safe for my children and pets?

We use EPA-registered products and we use the utmost care when it comes to your safety. If it will be necessary to remove pets or vacate during treatment, we will notify you in advance. It is usually not necessary to leave.

What if I am pregnant, have a new baby, or have a suppressed immune system?

Just as a precaution, we ask that you leave the premises for at least two hours. We also recommend that anyone in the home with a breathing disorder or an elderly person be taken from the home for a couple hours.

If I see a pest problem after my regular service will you come back?

It is normal to see an increase in insect activity right after our service. If the problem persists after several days, we’ll return at NO CHARGE.

If it rains after my service, will it wash away?

All of the material used in our pest management programs are designed for all weather conditions.

If I didn't see any pests, can I skip a service?

Remember, “when we do our best job there is nothing there.” For us to maintain control, we must perform all of your services.

After my first visit, when will you come back?

To provide continuous protection of your home, Betts Pest Control recommends bimonthly maintenance service. With an annual service agreement, you can expect us every 60 days.

One shot (one time) pest control service is also available, but is only effective for a short period. It should not be confused with a continuous protection program.

How can I tell what kind of bug I have a problem with?

If you are unsure what kind of roach, spider, termite or other kind of bug you have, the best way to find out is to have it identified by a professional pest control technician. You can also view some common pests on our Identify a Pest page.

What is the best way to catch a specimen for identification?

We recommend that you CAREFULLY trap the insect in a container, taking care not to make contact with the insect or smash it. If you cannot trap the insect, take a photo with a cell phone to give to the technician for identification. You can also bring the insect into our office for fast, accurate identification.



Only dirty people get bed bugs.


Bed bugs can be anywhere. Reducing clutter will make it easier to remove bed bugs, but sanitary conditions have little to do with initial infestation. Betts Pest Control professionals can walk you through a step-by-step process to prepare for bed bug treatment.



Cockroaches could survive nuclear fallout.


Cockroaches are hearty creatures, but they can be eliminated. The pest control professionals at Betts can do what many think impossible, rid a home of cockroaches.



A brick house with a concrete slab foundation is safe from termites.


Even brick homes have wooden frames and structures. Termites can enter into those structures and begin their destruction. If you see termite swarms near your home, even if it’s brick, contact Betts right away.



All spiders are dangerous.


While many people have a fear of spiders, not all are dangerous to humans. In Kansas, the spiders you need to worry about include the brown recluse and black widow. These spiders are common in our state and can cause painful bites, tissue loss, fever, elevated blood pressure and in some cases, death — especially for small children, the elderly, or those with compromised immune systems. The pest control technicians at Betts know which spiders you should eliminate and how to get rid of them.

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