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Wildlife Pest Control

Quality wildlife control for your home and property.

Take back your yard!

Wildlife destruction

Is it time to invest in wildlife pest control services? Wildlife can be destructive and hazardous to homes, lawns, and flower beds. As a result, this damage can lead to costly repairs. Further, many of these animals carry diseases that are hazardous to pets as well as humans including distemper, rabies, tapeworms, fleas, and ticks.

In addition, wildlife can cause structural damage to homes. For example, they can chew through wires, make noises in your walls or attic, and consume your drywall or insulation. Further, wild animals can cause entryways for other animals, and they pose a threat to people and pets in your home. Ultimately, outdoor animals can destroy the inside and outside of your property and belongings.

At Betts, we’re equipped to protect your home against wildlife critters. Our team is knowledgeable in recommending preventative solutions to secure your home. Coverage includes attics, vents, exterior walls, garages, and more. Moreover, Betts technicians are highly trained to identify critters and recommend the most effective solution to keep them from returning.

Call Betts for your Wildlife Pest Control needs

Betts Pest Control is your choice for insect removal and pest control services. As a member of the Kansas Pest Control Association, we proudly specialize in removing unwanted wildlife from your home. Whether you have opossums, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, gophers, or moles, we can help!

We are proud to serve Wichita with quality services at an affordable price. Most importantly, as a locally-owned business, we care about you and your family.

Betts Pest Control has the expertise, trained personnel, and equipment needed to provide solutions for nuisance wildlife.

gopher up close


Mole up close in yard with dirt


opossum up close outside


Raccoon on tree stump


Two Skunks on tree log


photo of squirrel on tree branch


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